Why should you attend this training?

  • To learn to upgrade your job ads so that you attract the people that fit your organisation; 
  • To discover how to make your job offer stand out from the ones of your competitors so that candidates choose for your organisation;
  • To create more awareness about your ideal candidate so that you start every thing you do from the candidate's perspective;
  • To implement the basics of recruitment marketing: EVP, AIDA, job ad versus job description, persona,... so that your vacancy gets the visibility it deserves;
  • You will go home with an upgraded job ad and an action plan to close your vacancies quicker which will save you an important amount of money.

For whom is this training?
For every decision maker in a recruitment process.

TEMPORARY 🎂Birthday🎂 Deal:
Normally 650 EUR per person -> temporarily with 50% promotion*
Each participant will also get my E-book ''44 tips to Boost Your Vacancies' (full with valuable tips to implement immediately) 
Questions? Contact me: katherinaCoWings@gmail.com
* Once you have paid the amount, there will be only limited refunding possible depending on the moment of the cancellation.

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Don't Take My Word For It, Read What Others Say:

“ I don't find many people who truly understand the basics behind recruiting and Katherina provides that understanding.”

Rickie Singleton


“Katherina is an extremely capable, reliable, collaborative and warm person to work with. Katherina's approach is all about inclusiveness and giving people a comfortable feeling to search and explore for the uncomfortable, namely change. The result of her work is immediate, but also for the longer-term visible, as she does not only touch the surface, but goes deeper into values, beliefs and behaviors.”

Armin Vermerris


“Talent is scarce and asks for a different view. Katherina is the perfect person to accompany companies in this matter. She knows the challenges hiring and HR managers have to find talent. She creates an environment where participants can share knowledge and experience. Each participant got hands on advice.”

Soetkin Van Causbroeck


“Very insightful and interesting master class. Katherina knew how to break the ice within minutes after the start. From than on the group dynamic was stimulated so that every individual participated actively. This active participation resulted in a very pleasant learning experience.”

Younnes Ibrahimi


“This training was given by someone with passion for the topic and that can only make you happy. Everything was put in place to make it a pleasant 'customer experience' with very useful tips and tricks you can use on a daily basis and not necessarily with a lot of effort.”

Kimberly Davits


It's always great to see Katherina in action. We met during a PMI event and subsequently we worked together on some subjects concerning Change. You can always expect three things when working with Katherina:
1) Expertise: Katherina will use her extensive knowledge in Recruiting, Change management and HR to help you out with your current issues.                               
2) Empathy: Katherina has the ability to very quickly understand your perspective of the issues at hand.       
3) Fun: After a session with Katherina, you can't be in a bad mood. Her energy and presence lights up a room! She is great in workshops, keynotes and other inspiring activities. I would love to work with Katherina again

Erik Leung Shun

Brussels Airport Company

"Katherina is a very enthusiastic, energetic person providing practical, useful insights handling the issues and opportunities related to talent attraction."

Bob Cobben


“Today's job candidates seem to need about 17 touch points before they can feel that they 'know', 'like', 'trust' you. In her up-tempo inspiring workshop, Katherina offers at least as many. 17 and more inspiring tips to boost your vacancies, to see the whole talent pool and make a good catch. And so, by the end of the day, you can do nothing else than to know, like and trust this HR - expert.”

Gunilla de Graef

Karel de Grote Hogeschool

“I have learned a lot and had a great time learning and sharing. I go out of this training with many ideas of how to improve our recruitment process, candidate experience, job ad, etc. ”

Celine Koninckx

Iris Sud Hospital

EARLY BIRD ticket til Valentine's Day: 
455 EUR (in stead of the full price of 650 EUR

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